Announcement from PLK Lam Man Chan English Primary School 保良局林文燦英文小學宣布


基於安全考慮,原定於10月5日及10月6日舉行之小一入學面試將延期至2019年10月12日及10月19日以同一時段進行。 (即是10月5日的面試日期改為10月12日,並沿用同一時段進行:10月6日則改為10月19日進行) 。
如面試安排再有任何更新,本校將會於學校網頁內公佈,敬請留意。 如有任何查詢,可致電 6414 3063 廣東話頻道 或 64210 114 英文頻道。

Announcement from PLK Lam Man Chan English Primary School:

For safety reasons, the interviews on October 5th and October 6th will be postponed to the same timeslots on October 12 and October 19 respectively. (October 5th interview will directly move to October 12th at the same timeslot mentioned; October 6th interview will move to October 19th).
Should there be any further amendments and announcements, please visit at our school website. For any inquiry, please call 64143063 for Cantonese speaking channel or 64210114 for English speaking channel.

School website本校網址:

Dear P.6 parents,

Class photos and individual graduating photos are ready for order now! Please check the photos and fill in google form for photo ordering. Don’t forget to use eClass account to login. Deadline of submission is 17th June, 2020 (Wed).


For details, please refer to the reminders in google form. If you are unable to access the google form, please contact class teachers ASAP. Thank you for your attention!