Chinese (for Non-Chinese Students)

Chinese (for Non-Chinese Students)

Aims of the Subject:

  • To enhance students’ Chinese reading and writing skills and to help them master basiccomponents of Chinese characters including basic strokes, some simple radicals and the components of traditional Chinese characters;
  • To provide students with realistic practise that develops students communicative skills in Putonghua;
  • To arouse students’ interest in learning about the Chinese language and develop their self-learning skill;
  • To arouse students’ interest in the Chinese language through Chinese books with the aim being of increasing the student vocabulary and expanding student knowledge.
  • To provide an opportunity for NCS to learn more about Chinese Culture, society and the customs relevant to the communities they live in.

Teaching medium: Mandarin:


Members of the Subject:

ConsultantMs. Daisy WONG
Panels Farm Road Campus:

Ms. Cassie SHEN

Sheung Heung Road Campus:

Ms. Samantha CHEN

Subject Teachers Farm Road Campus:
Ms. Daisy WONG Ms. Cassie SHEN
Ms. Ivy NGAI
Sheung Heung Road Campus
Ms. Samantha CHEN Ms. Sarah NG
Ms. Renda Chan Ms. Grace Tu


Major Activities of the Subject

Morning assembly sharing

Celebration for Chinese New Year


Talent Competition for Ethnic Minority Students



Achievement of the Subject:

Name of competition Awards No. of winners
  • 優異
  • 2人


  • 亞軍
  • 15人
  • 亞軍
  • 最熱心參與獎
  • 團隊


Online Learning Resources of the Subject: