Languages: Education towards bi-literacy and bi-lingualism:

  • English is used as the medium of instruction for teaching all subjects, except Chinese Language which is conducted in Putonghua in all the levels.
  • Native English and Putonghua teachers teach in language lessons and interact with students during recesses.
  • We encourage students to read all kinds of Chinese and English readers every day, parents reading ambassadors visit the school to share books with students.

Moral: Respect for different cultures:

  • Different moral topics sharing are held in the morning assemblies to encourage good personality and moral development in our students.
  • We learn different cultures and festivals which help students build up a positive world view.
  • We emphasize team spirit and discipline training.
  • We have a Junior leadership scheme which promotes the virtue of helping others.

Control: Learn to control our body, our sense and our mind:

  • We provide various physical, musical and arts activities after school, e.g. golf, Taekwondo, swimming, choir, art club etc., which are open for all students with the goal of achieving a whole person development.
  • We have compulsory multi-intelligence lessons every week, e.g. cooking, drama, Hindi, Putonghua tongue twisters, aerobics, grasshopper etc., to develop their potential.
  • We encourage students to join all kinds of competitions to build up their confidence and social skills as well as the sense of success.

**There is no elite class system in our school.


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Chinese (for Non-Chinese Students)


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General Studies

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Provide students with opportunities to integrate skills, knowledge and values across the Key Learnin



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Physical Education


We believe that Physical Education (P.E) is vital and unique in its contribution to a student’s Phys

Visual Arts

Art can play a significant role in the motivation of young people and we are passionate about the im

Information Technology


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Match with the school’s second major concern: Foster School Reading Culture.

Visual Arts

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Po Leung Kuk Lam Man Chan English Primary School
Primary One Admission 2021-2022 (Phase 1) Second Round Interview Postponement
有關2021-2022 年小一入學(第一階段)第二次面試延期
Dear Parents/Guardians
Recently the upper respiratory tract outbreaks in primary schools have been more severe and the
Government has announced a two-week suspension for Primary 1-3 classes. To protect children and
eliminate parents’ worries, Primary One Admission 2021-2022 (Phrase 1) Second Round Interview on 28 Nov
2020 will now be rescheduled to 5 Dec 2020. The interview time-slot assigned and interview venue will
remain unchanged. 近日爆發上呼吸道感染的小學數目大幅上升,政府隨即宣布所有小學一至三年級
學生停課十四天。為保護孩童及消除家長憂慮,本校2021-2022 年小一入學(第一階段)第二次面
試將延期至2020 年12 月5 日舉行,而原定編排之面試時間及地點將維持不變。
Starting from 14 Dec 2020, parents will be invited to meet with Principal / Vice-principal. Parents will
receive calls from school at least a week in advance. 此外,由2020 年12 月14 日開始,本校將邀請 貴
Should there be any further amendments and announcements, the information will be posted on our
school webpage. (School webpage: 如有任何最新消息及通告,可瀏覽本
Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to seeing you and your child. 謝謝您的諒解!
Yours faithfully,
Ms. Jessica MAN Sze Wing