Information Technology

Information Technology

Aims of the Subject:

  • To train students with knowledge and daily life skills of computer operations.
  • To develop students’ interests in computing, this results in promoting their logical thinking, independent thinking, creativity and problem solving skills.
  • To teach students to appreciate the impact of computers in modern life, so that they can face the fast changing world with an active and positive attitude.
  • To teach the computer ethics to students about the use of computer in proper and legal way.
  • To develop self-learning modes such as on-line learning platform to arouse students’ self-learning skills.
  • To integrate curriculum with other subjects, therefore to enhance “teachers and students” interaction and communication.

Members of the Subject:

Panels Farm Road Campus:
Ms. Ashley WONG
Sheung Heng Road Campus:
Mr. Patrick NG
Subject Teachers Farm Road Campus:
Ms. Jasminie LAM Ms. Checkie LEE
Ms. Ashley WONG Ms. Jessica LAW
Mr. Leo LEE
Sheung Heung Road Campus:
Mr. Patrick PAT Mr. Patrick NG
Mr. Johnson SUN Mr. Horace LAU
Ms. Elena LIAN Ms. Mandy LAU
Ms. Irene YIP Ms. Irene CHEN

Major Activities of the Subject:

Outside Visit

I.T. Typing Competition

Hong Kong ICT Awards

Achievement of the Subject

  • HKICT Awards
  • Robotics Competition

Online Learning Resources of the Subject: