Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Aims of the Subject:

  • To develop creativity and critical thinking, nurture aesthetic sensitivity, and build up cultural awareness and effective communication
  • To develop skills, knowledge and positive values and attitudes in the arts
  • To experience the excitement and fulfillment of creativity and the achievement of potential through participating in arts-making activities
  • To pursue a life-long interest in the arts

Members of the Subject:

Consultant Ms. Askathy HO
Panels Farm Road Campus:

Ms. Kelly KO

Sheung Heung Road Campus:

Ms. Candy CHAN

Subject Teachers Farm Road Campus:
Ms. Askathy HO Ms. Kelly KO
Ms. Eva CHOW
Sheung Heung Road Campus:
Ms. Candy CHAN Ms. Melanie CHAN
Ms. Natalie CHAN Mr. Samuel CHAN

Major Activities of the Subject:

Art Alive

Museum Visit

Art @ School- Graffiti painting on CD

Art Tours

Art Fun Day
(Cooperate with library team)

Wall Painting

MTR Art Gallery

Art Ambassador Scheme

Online Art Gallery

Sketchbook Awards Scheme

Little Artist Scheme

Online Learning Resources of the Subject: