Aims of the Subject:

The W.P.D. curriculum aims to enable students:

  • To explore individual potential, develop their healthy self-concept, as well as take a positive attitude towards the challenges in life and effectively solve their problems
  • To promote social development and build up a good interpersonal relationship
  • To develop a diligent and proactive learning attitude and master various learning skills, thus preparing them for life-long learning
  • To cultivate a proactive attitude towards work and acquire career information and the required skills to lay down the foundation for future career development.

Members of the Subject:

Panels Farm Road Campus:
Ms. Kristina LAU Ms. Jennifer HO (Social Worker)
Sheung Heung Road Campus:
Ms. Renda CHAN Mr. Flow CHAN (Social Worker)
Subject Teachers Farm Road Campus:
Ms. Zakia KHAN Ms. Kelly KO
Mr. Henry KAO Ms. Checkie LEE
Ms. Cassie SHEN  
Sheung Heung Road Campus:
Mr. Samuel CHAN Ms. Natalie CHAN
Ms. Candy CHAN

Major Activities of the Subject: